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Political reporter. Founder of the Morning Memo and the Student Journals. Young Journalist of the year (MWA 2011).

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The Student Journals

Cameron vs. Merkel: watching the CL final | Student Journals

Awkward moments captured at Camp David as world leaders watch Chelsea overcome Bayern Munich in the Champions League final.

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The Student Journals

Continuing collaboration in student media - join us | Student Journals

Following on from our successful conference, Grapevine Events are organising an event for young journalists.

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The Student Journals

Final presidential debate: catch up with highlights | Student Journals

Looking for somewhere to catch up on the last US Presidential debate on Foreign Policy? Look no further.

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The Student Journals

France 2012: The Road to Élysée | Student Journals

As the first round of the French presidential election begins, TSJ’s Editor, Siraj Datoo, provides a handy primer on the campaign so far.

The Student Journals

Hodgson names Euro 2012 football team | Student Journals

Roy Hodgson receives criticism after his choice to include players such as Stewart Downing and Andy Carroll.

The Student Journals

How should Muslims react against The Innocence of Muslims ...

TSJ Editor-in-Chief Siraj Datoo on the already-infamous film, and why directionless anger is the wrong approach towards combating its falsehoods.

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The Student Journals

Interview with Leila Aboulela | Student Journals

Leila Aboulela, author of novels such as The Translator and Minaret, gives an exclusive interview to TSJ and talks about her latest book, Lyrics Alley, her faith and advice for aspiring authors.

The Student Journals

Manchester United's season was a failed experiment in youth ...

Siraj Datoo, TSJ’s token Red Devil, says the club needs to invest in experience to keep pace with its city rivals.

The Student Journals

Moving from my iPhone to the Android-based Samsung Galaxy S3 ...

TSJ Editor Siraj Datoo relays his impressions of the Galaxy S3, and notes its numerous advantages over the iPhone.

The Student Journals

Spontaneity at TEDxWarwick 2012: Watching a lone nut become a ...

Siraj Datoo talks about his favourite memory from TEDxWarwick 2012.

The Student Journals

Storified: London 2012's Opening Ceremony | Student Journals

We have a look at opinions on Twitter from London 2012's Opening Ceremony.

The Student Journals

Tuition fees, UK politics & the protests | Student Journals

One month ago the Commons voted to slash the university education budget and increase tuition fees. TSJ collects comments and opinions from students and graduates with the aim of showing the diversity of opinion.

The Student Journals

Unveiling the 'burqa ban' | Student Journals

Siraj Datoo takes a different view to Jordan Bishop and questions Nicolas Sarkozy's true reasons behind banning the niqab. Has Sarkozy created a worse situation for the women he wanted to 'protect'?

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The Student Journals

Live: TEDxWarwick 2013 | Student Journals

Not able to attend TEDxWarwick 2013? Our live blog has you covered

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The Student Journals

INTERACTIVE: NUS Demo against Cuts and Fees | Student Journals

Follow our interactive journey as we tweet throughout the day as students from around the country gather to protest against tuition fees and cuts.