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Political reporter. Founder of the Morning Memo and the Student Journals. Young Journalist of the year (MWA 2011).

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The Muslim News

‘Black and Muslim’ rail workers banned during Israeli President visit to France - The Muslim News

French officers with dogs patrol the Gare du Nord Metro, where the station’s Black and Muslims workers were barred from...

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The Muslim News

Breaking my silence on Syria: Who’s telling the truth?

Russian journalists present in Houla say they have witnessed the Free Syrian Army ...

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The Muslim News

Coalition promises a “green economy”

In their first press conference together, Prime Minister David Cameron and his deputy, Nick Clegg, have shown their commitment to the environment.

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The Muslim News

Don’t let Charlie Hebdo be seen as a victim

French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo burned the day it was d...

The Muslim News

French pass symbolic ban against the burka

The French parliament have unanimously approved a resolution that condemns the burka and declares it “contrary to the values of the republic”.

The Muslim News

Google Earth offers a forecast of the future

Issue 255, Friday 30 July 2010 - 18 Sha'ban 1431
By Siraj Datoo
Google Earth offers a forecast of the future
The Government has released an interactive map, using Google Earth technology, ...

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The Muslim News

Has Sarkozy really benefited from banning Muslims from praying in the streets?

Sarkozy wants the above scene of Muslims praying in the streets of France to be ma...

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The Muslim News

Profiling of Muslims has to stop

On a recent holiday, I travelled by train to Geneva Cornavin station and experienced what has now become far too normal. Amongst a train carrying a couple of hundred people, eight people were stopped: four black men; three men originally from the Maghreb; and finally one man from Indian descent – me.

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The Muslim News

Unveiling the burqa ban

Issue 264, Friday 29 April 2011 - 25 Jumad al-Awwal 1432
Unveiling the ‘burqa’ ban
By Siraj Datoo
As of April 11, not woman in niqab will be allowed in the streets of France (Photo: AJV/The Muslim New...

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The Muslim News

France gets socialist president after almost two decades

By Siraj Datoo in Le Mans
François Hollande On May 15, François Hollande was inaugurated as the se...

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The Muslim News

Implications of Le Pen being charged for incitement to racial hatred - The Muslim News

  By Siraj Datoo   Marine Le Pen’s immunity as an MEP was lifted earlier this month, meaning that she can now...