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Political reporter. Founder of the Morning Memo and the Student Journals. Young Journalist of the year (MWA 2011).

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History of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang - Save the Media, Save the World

Demonstrations of how seriously the authorities take the Uighurs could be seen in the Xinjiang exercises of August 2001, which...

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Editors at The Times, Guardian and Sunday Times reveal their worst mistakes

Apr 21, 2013 ... Last week Grapevine Events ran an event at the Frontline Club and from it I have...


Environment: Comparing the Manifestos

By Siraj Datoo
With the imminent UK General Election, each of the three main parties have placed a certain importance on the environment with both the Labour party and the Conservatives dedicating a c...

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Taking a one-second video every day | Save the Media, Save the ...

Siraj Datoo shares his thoughts on why he's doing the one-second a day video project, but also reflects on the downsides.