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This recycling bin is following you – Quartz

Update (Aug. 12): City of London halts recycling bins tracking phones of passers-by Recycling bins in the City of London are monitoring the phones of passers-by, so advertisers can target messages at people whom the bins recognize. Renew, the startup behind the scheme, installed 100 recycling bins with digital screens around London before the 2012 Olympics....

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City of London halts recycling bins tracking phones of passers-by ...

The City of London is halting a scheme that used recycling bins to track people as they walked by with their smartphones. The head of Renew London, which was behind the operation, wrote in an email, "I can confirm that we are not currently running any trials." Quartz was the first to report on the...

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The iPhone 5S just brought us closer to the internet of things and a world of constant surveillance

Sensors have played a role in mobile devices for years, even if it was simply a compass designed to help...

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Meet the man who builds things on water, from slum schools to $14 million villas

Dutch architect Koen Olthuis specializes in building things that float. His structures, he concedes, use a similar technology to oil...


Google Glass is officially unwelcome at Guantánamo Bay's war court ...

https://twitter.com/carolrosenberg/status/369559885874089984 Don't bring your Google Glass to Camp Justice at Guantánamo Bay. A sign outside the US military court now informs visitors that "visual enhancement devices," from binoculars to Google's wearable computing device, aren't allowed inside. The sign is undoubtedly a reaction to Miami Herald reporter Carol Rosenberg, who attempted wear Google Glass last week around the US Naval...

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How a struggling town bought itself new hope by painting fake scenes on its walls

A bakery, a bookmaker and a barber have recently appeared in a village in Northern Ireland. But you cannot enter...


Oxford dictionary adds “twerk,” “derp,” “selfie,” “phablet,” and more ...

Oxford Dictionaries Online (ODO) is adding a slew of words that only recently came into general usage, many driven by fast-moving trends in technology and culture. Yes, "twerk" is now in the dictionary. The most relevant addition to the dictionary for Quartz readers is probably "phablet," a portmanteau of "phone" and "tablet" used to describe...

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The UK's slow growth means it needs to grow by 3.3% to reach its ...

The numbers: Not bad at all. As predicted, UK GDP grew by 0.6%, increasing at twice the pace of the the first quarter (0.3%). The economy had been slowing until very recently. In last quarter of 2012, it contracted by 0.3%. Historically, the economy tends to expand at a rate of between 2.25%-2.5% per year. If the...

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Paging Yahoo’s IT department: Marissa Mayer doesn’t use a passcode on her phone

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer doesn't use a passcode to protect her phone, defying the wisdom of most corporate IT departments....

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A breakthrough in quantum cryptography could make financial markets of the future cheat-proof

Demonstrating a feat that was until recently thought to be impossible, researchers in Geneva, Singapore, Cambridge and Waterloo, Ontario have "unconditionally guaranteed" the security and sanctity of a message transmitted between two points on earth. Their work (pdf) could lead to impenetrable communications networks for financial trading, online voting, or an...

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What universities are doing to keep the next Mark Zuckerberg from dropping out

When Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook and dropped out of Harvard, he inspired future generations of students that they too might...

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Britain’s new plastic banknotes will cost 50% more to make—but at least they’ll fit in your wallet

The age of the cotton-paper banknote is slowly coming to an end. Following in the footsteps of former colonies Australia,...

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iOS7 will be available for iPhone 4 and above starting September 18

Apple first announced iOS7, its latest (and largest) iteration to its mobile operating system at its developer conference, WWDC, in...

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Advertising on women's thighs is now a thing in Japan – Quartz

Don Draper would be proud. A PR firm in Tokyo, Wit Inc, is pushing the bounds of advertising by paying women to wear stickers on their thighs. Advertising on women's skin appears to be much more cost-effective than forking out exorbitant sums for public billboard space. In 2012, the overall expenditure on 'outdoor' advertising in Japan was ¥299.5 billion...


America's biggest de-facto office is about to get super-fast Google ...

Freelancers, small business owners and coffee addicts rejoice: Google announced Wednesday that it will provide free WiFi in 7,000 Starbucks stores in the US within the next 18 months. The company will start rolling out the network across the stores starting in August. The deal is a win-win for Starbucks and Google. AT&T previously supplied...