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5 Ways MPs Make Money Outside Of Parliament - BuzzFeed

The Guardian have compiled data showing that 20 MPs declared over £100k in earnings from other jobs .

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14 Reasons Smart People Are Sexier - BuzzFeed

If you don't read, don't even expect a second date.

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17 Things You'll Only Understand If You Studied A Foreign ...

Beyond being able to swear, obviously.

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17 Times The Simpsons Copied Famous Movies

Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

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18 People Who Missed The Point Of Classic Novels - BuzzFeed

Misguided one-star reviews, taken from Amazon and Goodreads. Via Love Reading Hate Books .

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20 Ways It Pays To Be A Grammar Nerd - BuzzFeed

An Oxford professor says we need to chill out about apostrophes. Here's why he's so wrong.

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5 Stories You May Have Missed This Weekend - BuzzFeed

This weekend, women dressed up as badgers chased the EDL through London and Matt Smith is set to leave Doctor Who. Read on to find out what else happened.

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£90 For FIFA 14? Twitter Reacts - BuzzFeed

Amazon have created a placeholder page for Fifa 14 for Xbox One that says it will cost £90. How did Twitter react?

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Alex Jones Appears On BBC, Is Told To Shut Up - BuzzFeed

"We have an idiot on the show."

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22 Things All Twentysomething British Asians Know To Be True

From Goodness Gracious Me to confusing census forms, Britain's been a pretty good place to live....

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Are These The Best-Written TV Shows Of All Time - BuzzFeed

The Writers Guild of America have released a list of the best-written TV series . How would you have ranked them?

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A Widely Circulated Photo From The Protests In Turkey Is Actually ...

Don't believe everything you see on the Internet.


David Miliband's Journey, From Foreign Secretary To Resigning As ...

So Miliband has quit as an MP . But not before we managed to get some fantastic photos of him, including the other jobs he tried before deciding to move to New York.